This agreement can NOT be canceled unless referring to contract value( (1.) 10% cancellation fee within the first 30 days is paid (2.) 50% cancellation fee after 30 days is paid (3.) Membership will continue month to month after the minimum duration, unless (4.) Written cancellation request after the minimum duration is submitted.(30-day notice)
I, the undersigned do hereby acknowledge and agree that I hereby request, instruct and authorize Arcon Park Gym to draw against my account, with the above-mentioned bank (or any bank to which I may transfer my/our account the monthly sum (as stated herein) on the first day of every month (if the first day falls on a weekday, and on the last day of the month if the first day falls on a weekend or public holiday) I understand that this authorization cannot be canceled before the minimum duration has expired, I also understand that this authorization will continue after the minimum duration on a monthly basis until I give notice of cancellation. I furthermore agree to an annual payment of R150 contract service fee deductible with my normal monthly payment of November month of every year. Please sign: ___________________________ Notice of my intent to cancel this authorization on expiry period must be sent by prepaid registered post to The Group Administration Manager, Waldrift Shopping Centre, Andesite Street, Waldrift, Vereeniging, to reach the company by no later than 30 (THIRTY) days prior to the debit date of the final amount payable in the minimum period. Should such notification not be received by the company, this authorization shall continue to be of force and effect after the minimum period and shall then be terminable only 2 (TWO) months written notice sent by registered post to Arcon Park Gym at the above address. Should any amount fail, due to returned debit order, the following amount will include all arrears and related costs. Should two consecutive payments be returned, the full value of this membership contract will fall due and collection/collection proceedings will commence, as this agreement is legal and binding. All related costs in the legal and collection proceedings will be borne by me on an attorney and client scale. I hereby consent that default judgment can be applied for in respect of the full value of the membership as soon as two consecutive payments have been returned. Should I dispute any payment, a penalty fee of R150,00 per transaction disputed will be added to my account and I will be held liable for it. Please sign ___________________________: I understand that the withdrawals hereby authorized will be processed by computer through a magnetic tape service and I understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on my bank statement. From the date of signature hereof, I shall be entitled to utilize and access the health and leisure facilities of the company subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement for the period recorded in this agreement. This agreement will be in force for the fixed period as stated herein. I am physically and medically fit to proceed with the normal routine of exercises and acknowledge that the club will not be held responsible for any injury or loss suffered by me for any reason whatsoever. The payer and member acknowledge that the essential terms and conditions of the agreement has been explained to me in a language which I understand and that I understand the meaning and consequences thereof. This agreement was duly and fully completed before signature by me and that the the information it contains is true and correct. This agreement is for the fixed period stated herein and that cannot be canceled (subject to a 5-day “cooling off” period) to the expiry of the fixed period. This agreement contains all the terms and conditions of our agreement and that no representations, no variations, or cancellations shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties. I have read this entire agreement and agree to be bound thereby
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